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Over the years Triangle has proven to be a leader in the automotive sector. We have become well known among the major automakers, who have continually depended on us to meet their needs of building new facilities, starting new projects, and updating existing plants and buildings. 


As all the Automakers continue to grow in various operations, we work attentively to meet their needs of being on the cutting edge of technological, and eco-friendly options. In addition to new projects, Triangle provides continual maintenance and around the clock service, to the automotive industry. 




Triangle's expertise in the steel industry dates back to the early 1930s and holds steady in today's ever-changing industrial world. We have continued to be committed to technical detail, and safety, which makes us a much sought-after option for electrical contracting among the large steel companies in southeast Michigan. 

Triangle has worked on the rebuilding of blast furnaces since day one, including a once in a lifetime project at Serverstal in the early 2000s. This 97 day total rebuild of Blast Furnace C was featured in Iron Steel Technology Magazine March 2008 edition.  Given the nature of the work and the schedule constraint engaged by the construction team, this project required first class effort and quality work. The new furnace has decreased operating costs by 20 percent while increasing production by 30 percent over the old furnace. Energy consumption is significantly reduced as the new system utilizes less costly pulverized coal in lieu of the industry norm of natural gas fuel. This new furnace produces 6500 tons of iron per day rather than the 4600 ton per day produced by the old furnace. The build ensures that the "Rouge" maintains its status as one of the pre-eminent steel making facilities in the world.

Steel customers include:

AK Steel Inc. 

US Steel Great Lakes Works




In addition to serving the automotive and steel industries, Triangle Electric provides exceptional electrical work for commercial projects as well. Since the 1960s Triangle has worked on state-of-the-art commercial facilities and unique institutions throughout the city of Detroit such as: private clubs, casinos, healthcare buildings, corporate office high-rises, data centers, and more. Each commercial project is different, and Triangle is committed to providing creative and quality work. 





Triangle is known for their strong skill set related to design and build projects. Our talented engineers use their experience and knowledge alongside estimators and project managers to form a very capable team for any design and build project. We offer full service electrical engineering for our jobs with a project engineer on staff, which allows us to generate innovative solutions for our customers' unique electrical needs. This ability to meet any engineering or design challenge is also made possible through the use of the latest modeling software including: AutoCad MEP, Revit MEP, and Navis Works. Triangle also participates in BIM (Business Information Modeling) coordination with other companies for maximum coordination and quality on each job. This 3D modeling helps jobs run more smoothly due to the coordination and integration in all aspects of construction. 

Having Triangle design and build a project gives the customer an advantage. Not only can electrical solutions be developed early on, but through BIM coordination, problems can be avoided or quickly corrected, saving time and money. At Triangle, inspections and ongoing analyses are also an important part of our process, and are built into the comprehensive work schedule. We are covered with errors and omissions insurance. 

Design Capabilities:
• Code compliance
• Value engineering - Lean construction
• Photometrics
• Short circuit coordination
• Arc Flash study





As sustainable construction and eco-friendly business have gained popularity in Michigan and the United States in the past several years, Triangle Electric has worked diligently to join this movement and provide “green” solutions to industry challenges. Green building can lower overhead costs such as reduced power and water bills. In today’s world, companies not only feel good about participating in eco-friendly initiatives, but are saving money with energy savings. 


Past green projects for Triangle include the Mega Lighting Project for Ford Motor Company World Headquarters, saving them over 233,000 watts of electrical usage and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Exterior Lighting Upgrade, where several of their parking garages and surface lots were retrofitted with new induction type light fixtures reducing energy consumption by at least 45 percent. 




Being able to depend on your facility and not having any down time is essential in today's business world. That is why Triangle Electric Company aims to provide quality electrical services in a timely manner for all of our customers. To be sure you are always covered, Triangle can provide our on-call service of maintenance support 24/7. This brings Triangle Electric Company in house to your facility to perform electrical design and construction services as your needs arise, around the clock. Our highly skilled and experienced team becomes part of your team ensuring your projects stay on course. 




At Triangle Electric we maintain a permanent pre-fabrication area in our shop with a full time supervisor. This area is used to prepare fixtures, receptacles, and assemblies in a controlled environment, in order to maintain a higher level of quality, that would not be possible in the field. We believe this is one way we can better serve our customers, as we strive to provide the best quality work possible, in a timely manner.  

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